The Symposium of Painting is organized in Dubi every two years. It
is the ninth time when the Managing Director of the factory „Cesky
Porcelan”, Mr. Fajks, has invited artists from all over the world. There
have arrived artists from India, Japan, Mongolia, the Czech Republic
and Poland. Their aim is to face with the one of the oldest technique
of adorning the porcelain with cobalt and glaze. The symposium is
called „Tradition and Possibilities” which provokes to seek for your
own perfect ideas how to decorate the porcelain with cobalt. Such
techniques were already known in China during the Ming era ( 1368
– 1644) and they were brought to mastry.
Each artist decorated two sets of form. One form stays in the factory
for presenting works on exhibitions. This year, we were offered a
picture which consists of vases, a bowl, a ring and six tiles.
Lenka Maliska working on her vase. When she decorates she uses
paintbrushes, painting rollers and many different kinds of templates.
Her works consist not only of cobalt, but also of green underglaze
paint. The main theme in her works are simplified silhoulette of people,
objects of everyday use and also some geometrical figures.
Marie Jarkovska from the Czech Republic and her vase ready to
fire. After firing, the grey color will be stronger and it will have more
cobalt power. The works of Marie are full of optimism, joy and lightness.
She often uses fairy tales and illustrations of the children world
in her works.
Hitoka Kato from Japan charmed everybody with the lightness of
hand, accuracy of drawing, perfect intuition of toning down the cobalt.
On her bowls, vases, pictures there were lines, butterflies which
resembled real ones.
Marcin Hugo-Bader from Poland thinks about „Phone talk”. He
would like to present closeness which we can feel even through the
telephone line. How to make a recipient feel the tension between
people talking through the phone, in which situation should one give
a stronger accent, what should be told quieter.
Peter Hůza from the Czech Republic goes back to the roots of
cobalt decoration. He puts in color using stamps. He uses a traditional
technique and gives us a temporary message. A mysterious hand
fulfills a white tile withe a code inspired by computer codes. In this
piece of work „Tradition and Possibilities” slogan was fully fulfilled.
Unent Delger from Mongolia and his „Anatomy of a Fly”. The painter
usually presents the world which is full of geometrical figures,
full of weird creatures which are on the border of the real world and
dreams. He was thinking for hours of every single line which he drew
to make sure that it is the right place for it. Apart from this fabulous
life there are also pictures of Asia expressed as the longing for

Participants of the 9th International Simposium of Painting on the Porcelain /2008/
Ambar Agnihotri (India)
Unent Delger (Mongol), 
Mayuko Goshi (Japan)
Monika Grajda (Poland)
Ladislav Hodny (Czech)
Krystof Hosek (Czech)
Zdenek Hosek (Czech)
Petr Hůza (Czech)
Marie Jarkovska (Czech)
Alena Kartakova (Czech)
Hitoka Kato (Japan)
Jiri Kozisek (Czech)
Lenka Maliska (Czech)
Jana Kamila - Masikova (Czech)
Helena Schmaus-Shooner (Canada)
Sarka Schmelzerova (Czech)
Kiyoshi Takeuchi (Japan).

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